MECANIK® Prime Thor Raincoat

$130.00 MSRP
  • Product code: MMACT-01598
  • Stock code: P-000016
Colour: CAMEL

Product Description

Thor raincoat provides you the mobility and comfort you need in all kinds of outdoor and sporting activities. The all new Mecatex™ lamination is like an armor against water, while the MeColor™ dye technologyprotects against color fade from UV. Its stylish and functional design allows you to enjoy this in any environment. Two hidden zippered pockets on the front help you to keep your elegance while carrying your important items. The interior perforated nets protect you from sweating, and the adjustable gather cuts your contact with air and rain. The inner eyelet allows easy access to your phone, wireless radio or to any kind of internal media connectivity while helping eliminate cable clutter.


- Mecatex™ lamination
- Mecolor™ dye or coloring technology
- Waterproof™, hidden pockets, and fixed hood
- Adjustable velcro straps for wrists
- Strategic ventilation holes
- Hook & loop cuffs with velcro
- Practical gathers


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