MECANIK® Prime Phoenix Pants

$130.00 MSRP
  • Product code: MMACT-00449
  • Stock code: P-000014
Product Description

Phoenix Tactical pants moves with you, however you like to move. It provides extraordinary comfort in all kinds of activities for competition, sports or recreational purposes. Featuring Mecstopflex™ and Metex™ fabric, these pants are exceptionally durable. Its flexibility in motion provides high performance with waist, knee, and inner leg adjustments. The MeColor™ dye technology protects these pants against color fade from UV light . With integrated compartment pockets, you have customized storage options so you can put your items or equipment when needed. The wide belt on the waist allows the wearer to use dierent types of belts for any situation.



- Extra flexible and extra strong with Mecstopflex™
- Mecolor™ dye technology,
- Extra flexible with Metex™
- Elastic & confort waist
- Water repellent and breathable
- Deep Cargo pocket
- Reinforced belt loops
- Concealed zipper pockets
- Adjustable knee and leg with hook/loop
- Adjustable hook/loop leg cuff

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