MECANIK® Alpha Phoenix Pants

$160.00 MSRP
  • Product code: MMACT-00058
  • Stock code: P-000006
Colour: Beige

Product Description

Specially designed for Competition and outdoor activities, Phoenix pants feature advanced Mecstop™ fabric. With 3% stretch margin, elastane-containing textures are placed on the yarn during weaving, thus ensuring durable, long-lasting, flexible use of the fabric. While Mecaproof™ fabric creates resistance against water and dirt in the nature’s harshest conditions, its flexible structure gives breath to your movements. Phoenix pants are dyed with high quality Mecolor™ technology, hence they do not lose their color under any circumstances and do not fade under the sun. These pants were designed for trekking and high performance tactical activities with its ergonomic structure, fabric quality and special sewing areas. It frees your movements by wrapping your body tightly with zip os in the waist and knee areas. Ultra-durable, deep weight-bearing pockets help you to carry all the tools and equipment you need with you and quickly remove them in case of emergency.



- Mexstopflex™ square weave is a tear-proof, strong, durable, and provides high performance
- Water repellent and breathable fabric
- Minimizes sweating
- Fade-resistant MeColor™ technology
- Two ventilation ducts, right and left on the upper part of the knees (can provide airflow by opening the zipper)
- Side pockets with space for phone or rifle magazine.
- Metex™ fabric provides extra flexibility in movement
- Elastic waistband
- Wide cargo pockets, secure back pockets, hidden knee pad pockets

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