MECANIK® Alpha Mete Shirt

$130.00 MSRP
  • Product code: MMACT-00105
  • Stock code: P-000003
Colour: Beige

Product Description

Mete shirts manufactured with Mestopflex™ fabric to support the performance of those who take action, while oering comfort beyond its competitors with high quality fabric. Mestopflex™ fabric prevents wrinkles by stretching during active performance. The Mete shirt provides active body temperature balance with the ventilation holes strategically placed in the armpits and the back, allowing freedom of movement. Alongside its light and soft texture against your skin. Mestopflex™ fabric technology was specially developed for those who like to experience peak performance, also prevents the formation of bacteria and traps sweat odors. Thanks to the stainless snap fasteners on the front, it allows rapid removal for any situation. Curved sleeves with sleeve brit oer versatile styling possibilities. Now your clothes can keep up with your adrenaline-packed lifestyle.


- Mecstopflex™ fabric square weave (extra elastic)
- Fade-resistant MeColor™ coloringtechnology
- Double-sided zipper
- Durable, Comfy, Mobile
- Fold sleeve button
- Utility pockets, including pen pockets
- Air vents; discharge channels and air intake channel on the back
- Velcro on the collar (to avoid ejected empty shells getting in during shooting)

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